Rhinocerosā€™s in South Africa: A grim 2012

(Nearly 2 months since my last post SORRY , I am going to blame it on Christmas šŸ˜‰ ) South Africa is very well known for its Rhinoceros populations and it is no wonder given it is home to over Ā¾ of the worlds Rhinoceros. The five main species alive today are the White, Black,Continue reading “Rhinocerosā€™s in South Africa: A grim 2012”

Burgers Zoo , Arnhem , Netherlands

Sorry for the unforgivably long delay between posts! Between job hunting, doctors and a trip to Holland my internet time has been short šŸ™‚ So last week I was inĀ HollandĀ visiting family and enjoying the wonderful food and atmosphere it has to offer and managed to get to the zoo on the one sunny day weContinue reading “Burgers Zoo , Arnhem , Netherlands”