Food for thought : Happy Thanksgiving

…. Just not for the Turkey. Did you know that every year in America up to 40 million Turkeys are slaughtered for the celebrations? Never mind the huge influx in poultry deaths, but what about all the cruelty surrounds the mass production of Turkeys. The same cruelty, unfortunately is common in any type of massContinue reading “Food for thought : Happy Thanksgiving”

Bull Run and Bull Fighting: Tradition versus cruelty

Bull running is a highly controversial tradition that is said to have begun during the 14th century in North-East Spain. The bulls used for bull fighting would have to be herded from their overnight pens across the streets to the fighting arena in localities across Spain and over the years people started to join inContinue reading “Bull Run and Bull Fighting: Tradition versus cruelty”

BBC sparks another controversial debate: Foie Gras

In recent weeks on BBC Two’s cookery program “Great British Menu’s” , 2 of the chefs chose Foie Gras as a main ingredient which caused a stream of over 400 complaints requesting that BBC should not promote this ingredient. Foie Gras basically stands for “fatty liver” and is obtained by force feeding ducks and geeseContinue reading “BBC sparks another controversial debate: Foie Gras”