Animal friendly European Election Candidates (Update)

4 days until voting starts in my home country Ireland. The number of Irish candidates who have signed the Animal Welfare pledge is now at 5. All four candidates are from the Dublin constituency so my followers from that area are now spoiled for choice ūüėČ Paul Murphy MEP (Socialist Party): Paul was the firstContinue reading “Animal friendly European Election Candidates (Update)”

Election Day – 19 Days to go

It has been over 2 weeks since I started my individual campaign to get as many Irish candidates on board the ‚ÄúAnimal Welfare pledge‚ÄĚ laid out by the Eurogroup for animals. The response (or lack thereof) is worrying ‚Ķ Still struggling on making a decision? Love animals? Want to see a Europe wide change inContinue reading “Election Day – 19 Days to go”

Spotlight: Bactrian Camel

Did you know that there are less than 1000 Bactrian Camels left in the wild? The number is currently estimated to be around 500-600. This is a startling number, considering how popular these two-humped ungulates are in zoos and circuses across the world, not to mention thousands of Bactrian camel herds which have been bredContinue reading “Spotlight: Bactrian Camel”

Food for thought : Happy Thanksgiving

…. Just not for the Turkey. Did you know that every year in America up to 40 million Turkeys are slaughtered for the celebrations? Never mind the huge influx in poultry deaths, but what about all the cruelty surrounds the mass production of Turkeys. The same cruelty, unfortunately is common in any type of massContinue reading “Food for thought : Happy Thanksgiving”

Leatherback Turtles continue to fight for survival – Jake D

  As many as 20,000 Leatherback turtle hatchlings and eggs have been destroyed in a disastrous industrial accident on the banks of the Grand Riviere in Trinidad.¬†Government construction employees were attempting to divert the flow of the Grand Riviere River which has been threatening the foundations of the local Mt. Plasir estate hotel. The hotelContinue reading “Leatherback Turtles continue to fight for survival – Jake D”

Cheltenham Festival 2012

  A full week of glitz, glamour and gambling galour ¬†. . . great right? Not so much . . . . This year‚Äôs Cheltenham festival was a blood bath with 5 horse deaths in the opening 2 days. This is¬†hardly¬†justifiable considering it is supposed to be a well organised and regulated sporting event. ThisContinue reading “Cheltenham Festival 2012”

Fur farming in Ireland

The use of real animal fur in the fashion industry has been under the spotlight by animal organizations all over the world for years now and while progress is being made in the prevention of fur farming, there is still plenty of room for improvement. I for one am completely against the slaughter of animalsContinue reading “Fur farming in Ireland”