Animal friendly European Election Candidates (Update)

4 days until voting starts in my home country Ireland. The number of Irish candidates who have signed the Animal Welfare pledge is now at 5. All four candidates are from the Dublin constituency so my followers from that area are now spoiled for choice 😉 Paul Murphy MEP (Socialist Party): Paul was the firstContinue reading “Animal friendly European Election Candidates (Update)”

Election Day – 19 Days to go

It has been over 2 weeks since I started my individual campaign to get as many Irish candidates on board the “Animal Welfare pledge” laid out by the Eurogroup for animals. The response (or lack thereof) is worrying … Still struggling on making a decision? Love animals? Want to see a Europe wide change inContinue reading “Election Day – 19 Days to go”

Food for thought : Happy Thanksgiving

…. Just not for the Turkey. Did you know that every year in America up to 40 million Turkeys are slaughtered for the celebrations? Never mind the huge influx in poultry deaths, but what about all the cruelty surrounds the mass production of Turkeys. The same cruelty, unfortunately is common in any type of massContinue reading “Food for thought : Happy Thanksgiving”

Proposed Seal cull in Canada

(Sorry for the MASSIVE delay between posts, got a new job, big changes, no time :p ) So the badgers are safe for another year. With the lack of research and evidence to support such an operation it is a relief to see they are going to give it a bit more thought. Fingers crossedContinue reading “Proposed Seal cull in Canada”

Who should we protect?

The resent death of a male surfer, off the coast of Western Australia after being attacked by a Great White Shark has spurred a debate as to whether or not this, the biggest of the shark species, should remain protected. This is the fifth fatal attack in this area since the start of 2012, recordedContinue reading “Who should we protect?”

The Badger Culling: To be continued . . .

In my previous article concerning badger culling in the UK and Ireland I mentioned the proposed plan to carry out a badger culling pilot in Somerset and Gloucester in September of this year. The badger trust took on the government, earlier this month, in the courts arguing that the culling would be illegal and isContinue reading “The Badger Culling: To be continued . . .”

Bull Run and Bull Fighting: Tradition versus cruelty

Bull running is a highly controversial tradition that is said to have begun during the 14th century in North-East Spain. The bulls used for bull fighting would have to be herded from their overnight pens across the streets to the fighting arena in localities across Spain and over the years people started to join inContinue reading “Bull Run and Bull Fighting: Tradition versus cruelty”

Olympics Opening Ceremony (Jake D)

Celebrated film director Danny Boyle has recently unveiled details of his plans for the 2012 London olympic  opening ceremony. The ceremony will seek to replicate the features of the quaint english countryside and will feature 12 horses, 10 chickens 70 sheep,9 geese, 3 cows, 3 sheepdogs and two goats. The use of animals in ceremonies and publicContinue reading “Olympics Opening Ceremony (Jake D)”

What not to feed them: Cats

As with dogs, owners need to take care with what food their cats get their paws on. It is important to become familiar with what might be harmful to your cat’s health and avoid giving them anything that might be a risk. Here is a quick list of what should be avoided: 1. Chocolate: Theobromine,Continue reading “What not to feed them: Cats”

BBC sparks another controversial debate: Foie Gras

In recent weeks on BBC Two’s cookery program “Great British Menu’s” , 2 of the chefs chose Foie Gras as a main ingredient which caused a stream of over 400 complaints requesting that BBC should not promote this ingredient. Foie Gras basically stands for “fatty liver” and is obtained by force feeding ducks and geeseContinue reading “BBC sparks another controversial debate: Foie Gras”