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It has been over 2 weeks since I started my individual campaign to get as many Irish candidates on board the “Animal Welfare pledge” laid out by the Eurogroup for animals. The response (or lack thereof) is worrying …

Still struggling on making a decision? Love animals? Want to see a Europe wide change in attitudes to Animal Welfare? Well then keep an eye on this:

So far only 2 Irish candidates have signed: Paul Murphy and Nessa Childers. Existing MEPS who are looking to get re-elected have no excuses. The Eurogroup campaign has been ongoing for several weeks now and there has been ample opportunity to sign the pledge and it has been well advertised.

I am only beginning to directly contact candidates outside my own constituency as I wanted to put the focus on my area first so I could make an informed voting decision. I have been disappointed so far. Here is a table outlining who I have contacted in the Midlands-North-West:

The Candidate: Date of first contact: Their response so far (up to 2nd May): Signed:
Jim Higgins 22/04 “Thank you for contacting the office . . . . . . . We will pass on your message”. No
Mairead McGuinness 17/04 No reply. No
Lorraine Higgins 22/04 No reply. No
Pat The Cope Gallagher 14/04 “Will pass on the message” No
Thomas Byrne 22/04 No reply. No
Mark Dearey 22/04 Apologised for the oversight, is opposed to Bloodsports, will take a look ASAP. No
Matt Carthy 30/04 No reply. No
Marian Harkin 17/04 No reply. No
Rónán Mullen 29/04 No reply. No
Mark Fitzsimmons 02/05 No reply. No
Luke “Ming” Flanaghan 22/04 & 27/04 No reply. No


In addition to the pledge, on a local level I have been keeping an eye on the the Ban Bloodsports. facebook page. They post candidate views on Bloodsports as they receive them and a list of politicians and information with regards to Animal Welfare and Bloodsports can be found here: Views

I will update the table in this post as and when I get responses, or when someone signs !


Céad míle fáilte !

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Welcome !

Since as long as I can remember writing was always a big interest of mine from poetry to short stories, and now after all them years I wish to improve my writing skills and get into the blogging scene 🙂

Animals being one of the most important thing in my life seems the obvious choice for my blog topic and I hope you will enjoy it and learn from it. I am fresh out of my 3 years at University where I studied Animal Behaviour and Welfare and now having obtained my degree feel this is a good way to actively put it to use.

I hope to update it as often as I can , providing the latest news from the natural world from welfare issues to new discoveries.

Feel free to comment keeping in mind a lot of the blogs will be opinion based and I will be open to other peoples opinions just please keep it civil and don’t start targeting people or myself as the whole “hate game” on the internet tends to get out of hands and doesn’t do anyone any favours.

So please just sit back and “pawsforamoment” to read up on all the latest animal matters 🙂

Thank you,

Noortje =)