Animal friendly European Election Candidates (Update)

4 days until voting starts in my home country Ireland. The number of Irish candidates who have signed the Animal Welfare pledge is now at 5. All four candidates are from the Dublin constituency so my followers from that area are now spoiled for choice šŸ˜‰ Paul Murphy MEP (Socialist Party): Paul was the firstContinue reading “Animal friendly European Election Candidates (Update)”

Election Day – 19 Days to go

It has been over 2 weeks since I started my individual campaign to get as many Irish candidates on board the ā€œAnimal Welfare pledgeā€ laid out by the Eurogroup for animals. The response (or lack thereof) is worrying ā€¦ Still struggling on making a decision? Love animals? Want to see a Europe wide change inContinue reading “Election Day – 19 Days to go”

Python Challenge 2013: How not to take care of an invasive species

The Burmese Python, native to South-East Asia, has established a healthy breeding population where they are not welcome, in Florida. This is thanks to the exotic pet trade which led to several of these giant constrictors escaping or being released into the wild over the course of the 20th century. It is now estimated thatContinue reading “Python Challenge 2013: How not to take care of an invasive species”

Rhinocerosā€™s in South Africa: A grim 2012

(Nearly 2 months since my last post SORRY , I am going to blame it on Christmas šŸ˜‰ ) South Africa is very well known for its Rhinoceros populations and it is no wonder given it is home to over Ā¾ of the worlds Rhinoceros. The five main species alive today are the White, Black,Continue reading “Rhinocerosā€™s in South Africa: A grim 2012”

Food for thought : Happy Thanksgiving

…. Just not for the Turkey. Did you know that every year in America up to 40 million Turkeys are slaughtered for the celebrations? Never mind the huge influx in poultry deaths, but what about all the cruelty surrounds the mass production of Turkeys. The same cruelty, unfortunately is common in any type of massContinue reading “Food for thought : Happy Thanksgiving”

Proposed Seal cull in Canada

(Sorry for the MASSIVE delay between posts, got a new job, big changes, no time :p ) So the badgers are safe for another year. With the lack of research and evidence to support such an operation it is a relief to see they are going to give it a bit more thought. Fingers crossedContinue reading “Proposed Seal cull in Canada”

Who should we protect?

The resent death of a male surfer, off the coast of Western Australia after being attacked by a Great White Shark has spurred a debate as to whether or not this, the biggest of the shark species, should remain protected. This is the fifth fatal attack in this area since the start of 2012, recordedContinue reading “Who should we protect?”

The Badger Culling: To be continued . . .

In my previous article concerning badger culling in the UK and Ireland I mentioned the proposed plan to carry out a badger culling pilot in Somerset and Gloucester in September of this year. The badger trust took on the government, earlier this month, in the courts arguing that the culling would be illegal and isContinue reading “The Badger Culling: To be continued . . .”

Leatherback Turtles continue to fight for survival – Jake D

  As many as 20,000 Leatherback turtle hatchlings and eggs have been destroyed in a disastrous industrial accident on the banks of the Grand Riviere in Trinidad.Ā Government construction employees were attempting to divert the flow of the Grand Riviere River which has been threatening the foundations of the local Mt. Plasir estate hotel. The hotelContinue reading “Leatherback Turtles continue to fight for survival – Jake D”

South Korea cause upset at the IWC meeting in Panama

      The 64th International Whaling Commission meeting is currently on going in Panama, and South Korea has caused quite the drama. They propose to use a clause in the 1986 moratorium on commercial whaling which allows the killing of whales, if it is for scientific research. They argue that the increase in whaleContinue reading “South Korea cause upset at the IWC meeting in Panama”