South Korea cause upset at the IWC meeting in Panama

Posted: July 5, 2012 in Conservation, News
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The 64th International Whaling Commission meeting is currently on going in Panama, and South Korea has caused quite the drama. They propose to use a clause in the 1986 moratorium on commercial whaling which allows the killing of whales, if it is for scientific research.

They argue that the increase in whale numbers since the ban was put on hunting has lead to a depletion in fish stocks and that it is time to start hunting again in the local waters. As well as conservation groups, Australia and New Zealand have hit out at the proposal and state they will be trying to prevent this move.

Murray McCullay , New Zealand’s foreign minister has explained how once South Korea have filed this notification they can take it upon themselves to pass the notion and commence scientific Whale killing in the same manner as Japan. He hopes that there will be a period of reflection and that combined with Australia the permit can be revoked.

Minke whales are considered endangered and according to the World Wildlife Fund the South Koreans have presented insufficient evidence to indicate that whales are responsible for a decrease in fish stock. If South Korea commence with scientific whaling it will spark mass controversy and outrage from campaign groups and neighbouring Asian countries.

There has not been whaling on the coasts of South Korea since 1986, there is no need to start now especially under such a weak excuse with no evidence to support their claims.

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