Olympics Opening Ceremony (Jake D)

Posted: June 26, 2012 in News, Welfare
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Celebrated film director Danny Boyle has recently unveiled details of his plans for the 2012 London olympic  opening ceremony. The ceremony will seek to replicate the features of the quaint english countryside and will feature 12 horses, 10 chickens 70 sheep,9 geese, 3 cows, 3 sheepdogs and two goats.

The use of animals in ceremonies and public events is risky at the best of times and has many potential pitfalls, especially considering that the event takes place in a stadium filled with upwards of 60,000 excited spectators.

There are mounting concerns that exposing these animals to the tremendous noise, light and commotion of a packed stadium could potentially be a very distressing experience for them, and could cause considerable panic. The RSPCA has given its approval to the ceremony with the caveat that they be given permission to monitor the animals and ensure that the appropriate attention is given to the animals welfare before, during and after the cermony.

Several organisations have voiced their opposition to the plans including PETA, VIVA, animals defenders international and several others. A recent petition against the ceremonies plans had produced over 11,000 signatures thus far.

The primary concern of the objectors appears to be the potential psychological damage caused by the noise of 62,000 screaming people. Something the animals would never be exposed to in their lifetime under natural circumstances. Another concern is the inevitable use of huge quantities of fireworks, which have a notoriously detrimental effect on many types of animals.

It seems that Mr.Boyles plans are going to go ahead regardless of the vocal opposition from animal groups and the growing petition. My Boyle needs to ask himself if it is really worth using animals in the ceremony. Whatever happened to nice sculptors ? It could be a means of including a local artistic approach to the ceremony (Just a suggestion)

Photography by : Noreen


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