What not to feed them: Cats

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Pets, Welfare
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As with dogs, owners need to take care with what food their cats get their paws on. It is important to become familiar with what might be harmful to your cat’s health and avoid giving them anything that might be a risk. Here is a quick list of what should be avoided:

1. Chocolate:

Theobromine, that nasty substance present in chocolate is deadly if ingested by cats. Luckily cats are not too keen on chocolate but if hungry or curious they may still eat it so make sure and keep it away from reach.

2. Dog food:

Despite a common misconception that dog and cat food are pretty much the same, this is not the case. Cat food contains many nutrients, which are not present in dog food, which are an essential part of their diet.

3. Onion:

Onions when consumed in even small quantities can damage red blood cells and lead to anaemia in cats. It is important to remember that onion powder is in a number of products such as gravy and baby food so these need to be avoided along with other onion based foods.

4. Raw Egg:

Avidin, an enzyme which can decrease the absorption of vitamin B, is found in raw egg whites. This can lead to skin and hair problems in cats.

5. Raw Fish:

Raw fish also contains a harmful enzyme; this one’s called thiaminase which breaks down thiamine (Vitamin B). The lack of thiamine in a cat’s diet can lead to neurological disorders.

6. Milk:

Some cats have it worse then others, but better to be safe than sorry, so unless your cat has been raised on cow milk and never had any problems with diarrhoea or dehydration, then it should be avoided.

7. Mouldy or spoilt foods:

Don’t throw it away, the cat will eat it”. Bad idea. Mould and rotten foods can contain a whole string of toxins which can harm your cat. You wouldn’t eat it yourself, so why feed it to the cat?

8. Bones:

Be careful with meats that can contain bones as they can easily splinter and cause serious internal damage and cats can choke on smaller bones hidden in meat. Remove all bones from foods.

9. Grapes or raisins:

As with dogs, they contain unknown harmful toxins that can damage the liver.

10. Liver:

In small amounts liver can be good for cats but given too often can lead to vitamin a toxicity so be very careful.


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