Burgers Zoo , Arnhem , Netherlands

Posted: June 13, 2012 in Photography, Zoo
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Sorry for the unforgivably long delay between posts! Between job hunting, doctors and a trip to Holland my internet time has been short 🙂

So last week I was in Holland visiting family and enjoying the wonderful food and atmosphere it has to offer and managed to get to the zoo on the one sunny day we had ! Luck! This time around I was eager to go somewhere I hadn’t been before and Burgers zoo came out the winner.

It was the African Penguins or nicknamed “Jackass” penguins who greeted us at the entrance:


Spacious , lots of levels and ample hiding places . . not a bad enclosure.


All out enjoying the afternoon sun !

We carried on into the large indoor complex housing the impressive Desert area. If only our summers could be as warm as it was in here !


Spot the Diamondback rattle snakes in this novel enclosure.


Peccary enclosure 


The Bighorned Sheep chilling out together chewing the cud. 

Everything is spaced out nicely so there is an enjoyable walk but not miles between each enclosure. Indoors I saw my first Manatee which is a very impressive creature (could do with an enclosure re-vamp and extension) and then outdoors in a mixed exhibit with the Sunbears I got my first glimpse of a Binturong an unusual animal which somewhat resembles an undiscovered Pokemon!


Binturong (see even the name sounds like a pokemon)

The Aquarium was enjoyable but as my camera is a little “low tech” and flashes are a no go I haven’t got any presentable snaps so you will just have to check it out yourself sometime! The safari walk was great and as with the desert area it was nice to see the animals from a more natural perspective than through bars.


The Rhino on his way to bully the poor Zebras away from their lunch


The Giraffes and Zebras sharing a snack 


To fit in with the running theme of “animals eating”

All in all it was a brilliant day out and I would recommend a visit to Burgers Zoo. Definitely one of the better zoos in the Netherlands when it comes to keeping it natural and meeting the animals needs.

Lets hope I can get the next post up quicker this time! Once again , SORRY!

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