Cheltenham Festival 2012

Posted: March 16, 2012 in News, Welfare
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A full week of glitz, glamour and gambling galour  . . . great right? Not so much . . . . This year’s Cheltenham festival was a blood bath with 5 horse deaths in the opening 2 days. This is hardly justifiable considering it is supposed to be a well organised and regulated sporting event.

This is not the first time death has spelled in the horse racing business in the UK, in fact over 804 horse deaths have been recorded due to racing since March of 2007 alone. This is not counting those slaughtered during the breeding procedures of racing horses (something I will go into at a later date).

Coming back to the Cheltenham races a little known fact (for obvious reasons) is that more horses have died on this particular race track then on any other in the UK over the last 5 years. A statistic that should not be over looked the conditions at this race track need to be seriously reviewed.

The issue of horse racing will always be up for debate, and there will always be people either side pushing for and against but at the very least there needs to be a further push towards better racing standards and loop holes need to be tightened with concerns to the breeding of these powerful animals.

The RSPCA have said they will be investigating the deaths and will also be looking to into the punishment procedures of those accused of “over whipping” or “incorrect whipping” during the races. So far 5 people have been penalised for this offence according to the GaurdianUk

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