Spring Lambs ! :-)

Posted: March 8, 2012 in Photography, Zoo
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Was in England last week visiting friends and it was lambing weekend at Reaseheath College, my favourite time of the year ! 🙂 I have a slight obsession with sheep , all down to my granddad who I helped throughout my childhood with his small flock of 20+ sheep. They all had names and some of them would even come when called by that name which was very handy.


All the mums to be !

With lots of sheep and lambs born every half hour or so , it was definitely my kind of day out:


this little chap just had to be cuddled , he did love a good scratch behind the ear, bit more puppy like then lamb :p


Mummy giving her new born twins a good clean


This new mum has a hard road ahead of her with 3 mouths to feed 🙂 

As well as the lambing event you could also have a look around the Reaseheath Zoo, one of the only times in the year which it is open to the public.


watching carefully over the goings on 


One of the Otters have a good look around 


The giant hissing cockroach , getting a bit bored of being picked up all day

The sun shined for most of the day and it was a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon , so if you happen to be in Cheshire during Feb/March keep an eye out on them lambing weekend dates 😉

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