In search of the smooth newt (L. v. vulgaris)

Posted: March 2, 2012 in Pets, Photography

When I was younger I remember just how common it was for me to find a smooth newt when out exploring the fields. It was on recently reading about the National Newt Survey that I began to wonder if these fascinating little creatures where still as common on our land as they had once been.

I set off this afternoon, wellies on and raincoat zipped, into the fields with my trusted partner by my side to see if I could find us some newts. The first call of course the small stream marking the break between our upper and lower fields. I never failed as a child to find newts sitting on rocks or dipping their toes in the water here so figured it would be the best place to start. Unfortunately after much patience and muddy boots no newts where to be seen.

The small stream

Garfield my trusted companion enjoying the walk

Just up the bank behind the stream there is a bed of rocks and this was once Newt city so easing up quietly towards the rocks eyes peeled was the first success.

Smooth Newt

A female smooth Newt sitting amongst the moss on top of a large rock, she stayed still as a statue with my approach hoping I had not spotted her which was great where my camera was concerned. I was very excited by this find as it was good to know that the smooth newts still resided here, however I was disappointed that I could only find one.

I will try again in a few weeks better when newt finding conditions improve and hopefully this time I will be more successful. On returning it was time to let the dog out for a game of “Just you try and get this toy of me”. She never did get the hang of fetch . . .

come and get me . . .

"don't like fetch, would much rather just roll around and chew it thanks"


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