Circus Animals: Ban on the horizon

Posted: March 1, 2012 in Welfare
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In 2009 Bolivia became the first country to impose a complete ban on using animals be it domestic or wild, in circus acts. In the years to follow Austria, Sweden, Singapore and several other countries followed suit in tightening laws to protect animals in entertainment and banning them from circus use. Early this year Greece joined in by banning animals used for entertainment with the exception of race horses, pet shops, zoo’s and licensed shows.

After over 54 years of performance in a British circus, and evidence of countless beatings and acts of cruelty, Anne the elephant was finally given a new lease on life in April of last year. This was a story that reached households across the UK and even the world as the last performing Elephant in Britain was finally given a better home at Longleat Safari park. This story reached out to people and helped set in motion an attempt at banning the use of animals in circuses across the UK.

Before: Image of Anne the circus elephant being kicked in the stomach (Mail online)

Anne the Elephant enjoying life at Longleat Safari Park : Mail Online

In 2011 MP’s and the British Public all showed their support towards an all out ban on animals used in Circuses; however the government motioned for a licensing system instead. Animals are to a certain extent protected by the Animal Welfare Act 2006 but this is not enough to ensure the welfare of animals in the entertainment business and now in 2012 it has been promised to impose a ban to follow in the footsteps of Greece.

The headline in a newspaper article released by the independent today read “Cameron accused of smoke and mirrors over circus animal’s ban”. Within this article Green Party MP Caroline Lucas said outlined how tax payer’s money is wasted on license regimes rather than just banning the cruel act. While minister for environment Jim Paice said that he would be surprised if a date for the ban was not set by the next elections.

Tiger in it's home at the circus . . 😦 (Mail Online)

a Bengal tiger and her cub , clearly happier then the one above ! (National geographic)

Here’s hoping that the British government sticks to its word this time and listens to its MP’s and the public who are all clearly in support of a ban.

Full articles from the independent and the BBC regarding this subject t be found below:

Independent :



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