Anti-Freeze Kills !

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Welfare
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Given the time of year I feel this is an important topic to raise awareness on.

The main component in Anti-Freeze products is Ethylene glycol which is a highly toxic substance. Anti-Freeze is added to car radiators to prevent them from freezing over however these radiators often leak and such products can be stored incorrectly which is where the danger exists.

Due to it’s sweet taste, when a cat begins to consume it, there is a very good chance it will consume a harmful amount considering it actually likes the taste. The Ethylene glycol attacks the animals central nervous system and kidneys often producing similar symptoms to that of kidney failure.

The University College Dublin in Irelands veterinary hospital has recently witnessed an increase in the numbers of cats brought into the clinic displaying symptoms of anti-freeze poisoning. They cannot say for sure the cause but say it is most likely from leaking car radiators. Small dogs are also at risk. See the link below for the full article:

Anti-Freeze containing this harmful substance has also been known to be added to peoples toilets in order to help prevent pipes from freezing over during the winter which is a risk to indoor pets as we all know how curious cats and dogs may be.

So please ensure you always store your Anti-Freeze contents securely and away from reach by pets and children. Also keep check on your car that it isn’t leaking as it only takes one small puddle to take the life of a small animal.

Cat with anti-freeze


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