Meet the Family

Posted: January 20, 2012 in Pets
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At home I have 3 wonderful furry members in my family, Garfield , Tango and Bailey ! Here’s an introduction to the amazing trio !

Garfield is the love of my life (sorry Mike), had him from the day he was born, his mum sadly passed away a few years ago. She was found in a local farmers yard with no obvious indication of what caused her death so poison is the most likely option there 😦 RIP Willow !

He loves to laze around and go for little excursions to the old cottage across the fields , but as soon as he’s called he’ll come running (usually for food). He’s almost 10 years old now so is slowing down but occasionally you’ll catch him chasing leaves and he still keeps the mice and rats at bay. Would do anything for my baby. Here’s some photo’s of the man himself !



Tango is our other cat, a playful girl barely a year old ! Our neighbour had too many cats running around on her farmyard (remember to get your pets neutered fokes!) so we decided to take in one of the kittens to keep Garfield company in his old age. She was very wild to begin with but with time and love she got better. She is still a bit skittish to this day but has come a long way.


Tango and Garfield

As well as our two cats we have an beautiful terrier cross , Bailey ! She is a right character ! Whenever you are in need of a hug she’ll be there wagging tail and full off kisses but other then that she just wants to play. As with a lot of terriers she loves a good barking session and at times can be very stubborn but we always forgive her. How could you not with a face like hers ? :


So that was three of my best friends, I’m sure you’ll hear plenty more about them in the future! don’t forget to comment 😉


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