Fur farming in Ireland

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Welfare
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The use of real animal fur in the fashion industry has been under the spotlight by animal organizations all over the world for years now and while progress is being made in the prevention of fur farming, there is still plenty of room for improvement. I for one am completely against the slaughter of animals simply to “look good”.

The year 2000 saw the fur Farming (Prohibition) Act coming into place and all fur farms in England and Wales where given until 1st of January 2003 to close down. This was yet another big step forward in the evolution of laws to protect animal welfare.

In 2003 Northern Ireland and Scotland followed suit and in 2004 Austria become yet another country on the growing list of countries to ban the breeding of animals for fur. It is now 2012 and Ireland has yet to join in with their British neighbours in the banning of fur farming.

Mink and the silver fox are the main animals bread in Ireland for their fur and while you need a license to farm mink since the debates in 2005, no license is needed to farm foxes as of yet. The conditions they are kept in far from meet the animal welfare needs.

In order to cut costs intense farming methods are used, providing the bare minimum of space and often housing mink together. Mink are not a social animal so immediately you see the problem in housing several mink in close proximity to each other.
The following is an image obtained from an irish mink farm which appeared on indymedia.ie
Mink in irish fur farm

The mink are raised for up to 6 months then they are removed and placed into gas chambers to be killed in large groups. They are then skinned and whats left over disposed of by means of rendering. No vet needs to be present during the killing procedure. These skins are then sent abroad where they will be used to make clothing. Foxes are slaughtered by means of electrocution.

Fur is not a necessity and merely a show of vanity. Fake fur provides a very close alternative and is easier to keep so why people still feel the need to promote the suffering of animals by wearing real fur is hard to understand.

Ireland is supporting this cruel trade by allowing the farming of animals for their fur and needs to get with modern times and agree that the law needs a serious looking at.

For further information please check out these useful websites in relation to the fur farming issue:




  1. Thank you for posting this info! I’m an American, a vegetarian, and a huge animal lover. The cruelties of fur farms are so awful, but it’s so good to see that other countries (not the US unfortunately) have banned it because of its inhumanity. And it’s so great to see other people who love animals and speak up about it!

  2. Thank you ! Europe are slowly but surely getting there, unfortunately Ireland is lagging behind but protests are on the increase and hopefully soon we will see some improvement on that front and I hope one day the US will follow giving you something to smile about 🙂

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